Merger of Hosie Wes with Perkins Coie

(17 lawyer technology/finance firm in Silicon Valley and San Francisco)

We would like to thank you for doing an outstanding job in facilitating the merger of Hosie Wes Sacks & Brelsford with Perkins Coie. The merger has exceeded our expectations. You, Tom Van Dyke and the rest of your organization are to be commended for a job well done! As you know, when we decided to expand in Northern California we set very high standards for the ideal merger candidate. We wanted a first rate group of lawyers who were not only compatible with our firm culture but who possessed key areas of expertise and clients in the technology and finance areas. After evaluating the market and law firms in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, we concluded that this was going to be a particularly demanding search.

While we met with some fine lawyers, we did not find the ideal match until you presented the Hosie Wes firm to us. After the deal was announced, Charles T. Katz, a senior Perkins Coie corporate partner was quoted in the press as saying, “When I saw the resumes and information about the firm (Hosie Wes), I actually thought someone had designed it as a joke for me, it was so exactly what we had in mind”. Indeed, it is an extraordinary fit.

As you know, since the merger we have attracted several prominent attorneys including Jim Brock, Bob Zipp and David Hornick from Venture Law Group; Ralph “Bud” Arheim from Gunderson, Dettmer et al; Judy Jennison, Susan Stick and Kelly Smith from Fenwick & West; Roger Ross II, formerly of Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison and others.

Thanks again for representing such a fine group of lawyers to us and for demonstrating that what separates you from most other legal search firms.

Robert E. Giles Managing Partner Perkins Coie