Lewis Brisbois adds prominent toxic tort litigator Keith Kodosky in Atlanta…

Keith Kodosky joins the Atlanta office of Lewis Brisbois as a partner- and member of the Products Liability Practice. He has nearly 20 years of experience in complex commercial litigation, including products liability, corporate governance, contract disputes, real estate, and bankruptcy matters. He also has represented clients in securities fraud class actions, shareholder inspection actions, and investigations and inquiries performed by the SEC, FTC, DOJ, FBI, IRS, and FINRA. In addition, Mr. Kodosky has represented financial institutions and their officers and directors in investigations and enforcement actions brought by the FDIC, the OCC, OIG, SIGTARP, and other regulatory agencies. During his career, Mr. Kodosky has represented state supreme court justices, major chemical manufacturers, community lender directors and officers, government contractors, secured creditors, and businesses providing products and services in the telecommunications, business appraisal, automotive, banking, nursing home, computer, franchising, construction, packaged bakery foods, and bookkeeping and accounting industries.

Mr. Kodosky also has extensive toxic tort and products liability litigation experience, including cases involving alleged exposures to welding rod fumes, lead paint, carbon monoxide and benzene. Mr. Kodosky serves as National Coordinating Counsel for a global chemical company in benzene litigation, and he has served as either lead counsel or lead co-counsel in toxic tort and products liability litigation in Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and West Virginia. As National Coordinating Counsel, Mr. Kodosky coordinates and manages discovery, including depositions, production of documents, and other e-discovery, and serves as a trial attorney in these lawsuits. He has extensive experience in applying the standards for the admissibility of expert testimony in jurisdictions that follow Daubert, Frye, and other standards. Mr. Kodosky has worked closely with industrial hygienists, hematologists, oncologists, toxicologists, and epidemiologists in refuting claims of chemical exposure. He also is experienced in the bulk supplier, preemption, and sophisticated user defenses and has effectively used these defenses to rebut product liability and negligence claims.


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